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This has to be a milestone, 50 weeks worth of machine quilting with a different post and photo of inspiration each week. Last week I showed how I used my cookie cutters for inspiration. This week we will continue with the Christmas theme. Now I know you've all seen one of these. Have you thought to use it as inspiration for quilting?

I created a simple tree shape to make a continuous quilting design and linked them with swirls and stars which of course are very Christmasy in themselves. The swirls could represent Christmas baubles or lights on a string even.

Christmas tree continuous quilting design

Five pointed stars are real easy once you get the idea. I used to draw these as a kid so quilting them is easy.

Close up of Star

This gave me another idea for a different design. Rather than a continuous design, this time I made a single shape design and filled it with swirls that look like Christmas baubles.

Single Christmas tree filled with baubles

I added a star at the top, but didn't really think about the angle and how it would end up. Looks a little crooked. However even if it were straight, it might look upside down with the point at the base. This is how it would look.

Star at top

I guess that is better than one looking as if it is about to topple off!

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