Machine Quilting Day 12

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Last week's photo was of palm trees. I created a quilting design that could be used for a border or over all design using the whole tree...

Whole palm design

and the fern leaves as a fill-in stitch.

Fill-in fern leaves

This week let's use the palm again to create a different quilting stitch. Look at the trunk. It has an interesting design on it.

Palm tree trunk

This would make a great fill-in stitch too and it is simple enough with a little practice.

trunk pattern design

I started at the bottom and worked my way up. The first line of stitching (shown in red below) was easy zigzag to form mountain peaks - that's what I'll refer to them as. I worked from left to right.

first row

When you get to the end, work up the side to the height of the next row of mountain peaks. (I should have come up a little higher on mine)

The next row you work back the other way (shown in blue). Sew in a downward direction to just below the top of the mountain peak - 3 or 4 stitched, then stitch over the peak on top of the existing stitches to the same height on the other side. This is where you will start the next mountain peak. This mountain peak should be halfway in between the two on the previous row.

second row

Finish the side off by stitching down to the beginning of the first row and then back up to begin the third row.

Start the third row by stitching down the mountain peak those 3 or 4 stitches and then continue on with the row just as was done for row 2.

second row

Now you can continue repeating this for as far as you wish. 


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