Machine Quilting Day 26

Posted by Ruth on 26 June 2013 | 1 Comments


The other day when I was making my latest flower block I thought the dahlia would make a really cool quilting design. I liked this flower in particular so thought I'd use this photo today and create a double petal design.

I started with a circular design, thinking that if I start in the center I can work my way out around it.

First round

I stitched the second round in a different color so you could see it easily and I only added the inner petal on every other petal which were the petals between those in the first round. 

Second round

I could have kept on going but stopped there because I had another idea. Here is how it looked in all one color.

One color dahlia design

I figured this design could also be used as a fill-in stitch or made very large, it could also be used as an overall design. My first attempt for a fill-in design didn't work well.

For the next attempt I did rows of half petals - the first half in the first row and then finish it off in the next row at the same time as creating the first half of the petals in between. Sound confused? I think the photos better explain it.

My first row shows half petals with the inner section included.

First row

The next row finishes off that row and starts the next row of petals.

Second row

This is how it looks after several rows are worked. 

Several rows

They don't really look like petals now, but it is rather a cool design.

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  • Pretty cool what you can do with some imagination, a sewing machine and thread! Thanks for the vision of your Dahlia!

    Posted by Claudia W, 27/06/2013 9:04pm (8 years ago)

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