Machine Quilting Day 34

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This week's inspiration is a cactus plant. I used the idea on a small scale, but thinking about it further, I wonder how it would look starting out in the center of a large quilt and working your way out to the edge. 

Cactus plant

The first round I started out small although not as small as the photo shows. This being the center of the cactus. I created a circle of four leaves.

center round

On the second round, I doubled the amount of leaves to spread them around.

second round

For the next round I made each leaf a little larger than the previous rounds. They are a little more spread out as well.

third round

I finished off this design by stitching over the outside lines once more.

doubled over the outer edge

I wasn't so happy with this first attempt so I tried again.

This time I worked on a larger scale. This worked much better. Each round got naturally larger as I got into the rhythm and flow of the design. For the most part I stitched over the points on each leaf on the previous round when traveling from one leaf to the next so I didn't need to stop and start. This enhanced the tips and added dimension.

larger sample

I would have kept on quilting more rounds but unfortunately ran out of my fabric sandwich and could not fit another round in.


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