Machine Quilting Day 36

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Back to the garden I go for machine quilting ideas. I love the shape of these leaves and the color is great too, just different than the usual green shades.

This leaf could make a wonderful border design but I chose to do something a little different. I kept the leaf shape simple coming out from a central point. I didn't draw anything to start so it was a little off on the first attempt.

For my second attempt, I drew a plus shape in the center to use as a guide to create four more evenly spaced leaves. 

This worked well for spacing, but my proportion of each leaf was quite different so for the third attempt I still drew the plus shape but also a box outside it so I could judge a better proportion for each leaf as I quilted.

The leaves didn't turn out all the same. The first I stitched (bottom leaf) was a little thick. The second (right leaf) was better and the last (left leaf) was almost perfect. The one at the top turned out a little funky however on second look I decided I liked the funkiness better than the more perfectly formed leaf. It holds so much more interest. Who says everything needs to be the same and symmetrical?

You will notice the last attempt was stitched on a different quilt sandwich. In fact, it was stitched next to a snowflake (only because I ran out of room on the previous sample). As I was quilting I noticed how similar the shapes were.

So was this really a leaf I was stitching or does it resemble the snowflake more?

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