Machine Quilting Day 37

Posted by Ruth on 11 September 2013 | 1 Comments


A few weeks back I made the Lupin flower block. Do you remember it?


I'd cut out all the shapes and pressed the flowers to the background block when I noticed some of the leftover pieces still sitting on my ironing board. The ironing board is the black area.

It came to me that this could make a rather interesting quilting design so I gave it a go.

That was fun so I decided to use it for my heart block background. While quilting this block, I dragged the thread over the heart to start again on the other side. This helped keep the lines reasonably straight throughout. It also sped up the process. Can you see them across the heart?

After I finished, I just trimmed those threads off close to the stitching. You may prefer to pull them throught to the back instead.

My finished heart block

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  • Love it.

    Posted by Jen, 12/09/2013 6:41am (8 years ago)

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