Machine Quilting Day 4

Posted by Ruth on 23 January 2013 | 1 Comments


Another quilting from photo inspiration day again. Today my photo is of an outside chair back. It has a lattice effect.

chair back

You are probably familiar with cross-hatching. Single cross-hatching is the most common as it is a lot quicker to do, but to depict the photo, I have used the double cross-hatching technique. I didn't weave the lines in and out like a real lattice, just stitch over them as I did not want to have lots of stopping and starting threads.

double cross-hatch quilting

I really like this effect, however it is all done with straight quilting and a walking foot which is my least favorite quilting technique.

I decided to take this one step further and fill in the lattice with a very small stipple. Now it looks like a real lattice. In fact, it could be used instead of the trellis I made in yesterday's post about my quilt pattern Blooming Trellis.

double cross-hatch quilting with stipple

Have you ever stippled that small before? The lattice strips are just 1/4" wide.

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  • Ruth, looks great. I have done that tiny of stippling and it is well worth the effort. Great choice for inspiration - never thought of a chair back - will have to be more observant now.

    Posted by Jen, 24/01/2013 7:22am (8 years ago)

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