Machine Quilting Day 5

Posted by Ruth on 30 January 2013 | 2 Comments


Would you have thought to use a tree, bush or plant as inspiration to find a quilting design? That is what I have used today. This shrub was ideal, I could see an obvious quilting design.


I focused on the end of each stem where you see three leaves and created a design from that.

Close up of Shrub

You could easily make an individual pattern but I wanted to use it as a fillin stitch like my previous quilting posts. I didn't use pointed ends, but rounded them instead. You could of course do them pointed if you preferred.

quilting design

This is how I stitched it. I've colored each section differently so you can see it better. The start of each section stitches over the end of the previous curve, about a third of the way around and then branches off.

stitching direction

It doesn't matter which direction you take. I formed rows, but going around in a circle is just as effective.

I decided to also get a little more creative and added a touch of color by stitching over the quilting but only stitching in every 2nd or 3rd set of loops. This would be great on an art quilt.

Additional color

This was my first attempt at this design but I was getting better as I went. I always suggest warming up before doing any free-motion quilting. It even helps to draw the design out with pencil on paper to get the feel of the direction and motion.

Happy Quilting!

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  • I tried machine quilting at a show. Loved it; but the patterns I had in my mind, with the motions planned, turned out much smaller than I intended. Stars, tulips, etc.

    Posted by JoAnne Bell, 01/02/2013 9:04pm (8 years ago)

  • Great inspiration Ruth. Love the leaf design and perfect for art quilts.

    Posted by Jen, 31/01/2013 6:32am (8 years ago)

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