Machine Quilting Day 6

Posted by Ruth on 6 February 2013 | 1 Comments
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Remember Day 1 when I had a photo of bricks that I used as my quilting design? 

quilting day 1

Today while out walking I found bricks that were a little different so I decided to try this as a quilting design.


I really prefer free-motion quilting to straight quilting, however when stitching straight lines, it's more favorable to do straight quilting with your walking foot. Since there were lots of turns on this design, I thought I would just go with the free-motion.

I knew I would have to start with a grid of some sort, so I measured the bricks in the photo and draw a grid to correspond. It was 7/8" long by 3/4" high. I stitched the first line - it took me a bit to get comfortable with the design - I should have practice a little with pencil and paper first to get the flow of where I needed to stitch. I stitched up to the second line and working along on the under side of the grid line, this time stitching the same pattern backwards - probably should have turned it around <grin>

first row

I completely forgot to add in the down strokes to separate the bricks!

The next row was better, but I realized I had to stitch the down strokes halfway in between the grid lines. I also realized that every second line I stitched would need to start below the grid line so the rows were even.

next row

I was getting the hang of this after completing another two rows, although it was definitely better going forward than backward.

each row improves

I draw a second grid. This one was smaller so I didn't need to guess the in between down strokes. I drew it 3/8" x 1/2". Now I was on a roll and had this grid stitched in no time at all.

Second grid - smaller this time

To do this design free-style, you definitely need steady hands and lots of concentration. I think you could get quite fast at this with straight stitch, a walking foot and knee lift. Even faster if you have a machine that does sideways stitching so you don't need to turn to do the down stroke. You could also program it in a computerized machine. It is quite an interesting design when done.

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  • Very cool design, Ruth.

    Posted by Jen, 07/02/2013 8:12am (9 years ago)

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