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Honestly, I have no idea where 2019 went. It was here one minute it seems and gone the next as here we are on the last day of the year again, with each year going faster than the one before. As usual, I never design and make as many new patterns as I'd like throughout the year but today wanted to look back over those I did make for 2019.

I had hoped to make a new Bargello design (it was on my to-do list) but didn't manage that, however, I did come up with three new flower blocks that were on it.

These three blocks now join my growing group of flower blocks. I'll definitely be making more next year as they are forever popular.

Speaking of blocks, I also added a new animal block - The Dolphins

Some other small project patterns I made were.....


On the other hand, I made one bed quilt design which was the closest I got to doing any patchwork with its blocks and off-skew sashing as I like to refer to it. This was Fireworks in Spring.

The next largest quilt was Hibiscus Sunset which includes a pretty sunset as the name suggests.

And although I'd made my Still Life Pears a few years ago for a dear friend, this year was the first time I'd actually written it as a pattern.

I did make two Stained Glass Applique quilts (only 1 was written on my to-do list)..... A Sunflower was the first design and this pattern was also included in my Beginner's Stained Glass Applique workshop....

and the second was a new Poppy design to add to my existing Stained Glass Poppy (now you get 2 patterns in one)

So although I didn't manage any Bargello designs, I get make a number of new patterns - actually more than I thought.... and I will be adding a Bargello design to the top of my 2020 to-do list. Happy New Year everyone!

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