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I had someone just contact me... "Hey, what's the scoop? Anything exciting going on?". My reply was "Yes! I'm learning how to make my first app - so exciting to learn new stuff"....

black friday sale for 2014"Way cool".

"Oh yes, and I choose to do this in the busiest month of the year!". 

"How do you mean? I thought November was quiet time of year??".

"Well yes it was until I offered some of my classes at 50% off".

"Heck what?? I didn't know!"....

Well there is more to the story, and of course, she asked me what sort of app I was making, but it blew me away that my friend didn't know I was offering an Early Black Friday deal with classes 25% and 50% off as an introduction to On-demand classes which, by the way, allows the student to start any time, now or in the New Year or whenever.

So now that my friend signed up for my Advanced Layered Applique class (one she has been wanting to take for some time but never got around to it... she couldn't resist), she is also sharing the link with all her friends. Whether you sign up for a class or not, I do hope you will share this page or the Academy of Quilting page so others get to know too!

PS: This is just a once off. Chances are I won't be offering 50% off again. I really had to have my arm twisted in the first place!!

Ok, apps aside, I need to hit the sewing machine and get creative in another way!


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