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If you're like me, this week isn't one for sewing.... a lot of other things yes including two grandchildren's birthdays and 16 people for Christmas dinner.... but it is a lot of fun still. So instead of sewing this week, I thought I'd share 10 free tutorials I have written over the years that are posted on my website. Let's take a look!

Add this creative butterfly to any project. Attach it to a quilt, a tote, a book cover, a sweater or a pocket. It is lots of fun and easy to adapt so you can make as many as you like all slightly different if you wish. There are even a couple of videos to watch! Read more....

bargello in eq

Simple Bargello designing with EQ5 and even though this was written for EQ5, the basic instructions are the same for EQ6, 7, and 8. The only difference is where tabs have replaced menus so keep your book handy so you can find them quickly. This PDF download will get you designing simple Bargello designs. Get PDF...

bias binding

→ BIAS BINDING for flower stems, celtic work or stained glass applique
Make Bias Tubing using bias bars. Great for flower stems, Celtic work and Stained Glass Applique. There will be times when you find you require Bias Tubing whether it be for applique, Celtic work or just a decorative effect. Read More...


Learn how to bind a quilt with straight edges or mitered. When you make a quilt with straight borders, you should also make straight binding for that quilt. Read More...

foundation piecing

Let's learn how to foundation piece. It is a fun technique that quilters either like or dislike. Find out why and find an easy solution. Read More...

halfsquare triangle

Learn how to make half-square triangle blocks as well as learning where to use half square triangles. What are Half Square Triangles? A Half Square Triangle is a square that is cut through the diagonal to give two triangles. Two half square triangles make a square. Read More...

quilt label2

This basic tutorial will describe how to make a quilt label using Word 2007. If you have a later version of Word, things might look a little different but the tutorial should still show you the basic steps. If you don't have Word, you can see our latest tutorial for making a quilt label using Open Office (free open-source software) on our blog here: Make a Quilt Label in Open Office Writer This tutorial uses pictures or clip art surrounded within a border. Read More...

mitered borders

Cutting Border Strips for Mitering: Cut border strips the length or width of the quilt plus 2 x the width of border. Add a little extra for safety. Half an inch or so is good. Read More...

quartersquare triangle

Learn all about quarter square triangles, where they are used and why as well as making quarter square triangle blocks. QST What are Quarter Square Triangles? A Quarter Square Triangle is a square that is cut through the diagonal twice to give four triangles. Four half-square triangles make a square. Read More...


Learn how to make a textile postcard. It is easy and fun. You can make it out of nearly anything and may substitute my requirements for what you have at home. Read More...

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