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I've been working on a new quilt but the pattern isn't quite ready to release yet however I did send out a little teaser the other day. Did you see it?

sneak preview

Sneak Preview

Can you imagine what it might be? I tell you what, this pattern is a fun way to make a quilt any size you need without any math calculations involved! Watch for the reveal next week on our blog and newsletter! (not signed up yet, you can here: Newsletter/blog signup)

I've also been working on a new payment system for our website and currently testing it out on a few products. This will allow you to use Google Pay, Apple Pay, several credit cards including Mastercard, and of course PayPal.

This week we have introduced our specials to the new payment system. You can still use the old system by visiting our Special's Page and clicking the orange 'Buy Now' button under each pattern.

To use the new system click through to each individual pattern and use the red 'Add to Cart' button. The theme for our specials this week is baby quilts so I thought I'd include some of my favorites here.

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