A No Grocery Week

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Today was a day for helping my daughter unpack some more boxes for her kitchen. Her problem being, her kitchen is downsized from the previous one so we have a bit of a problem finding new homes for everything. The laundry has some extra shelves which came in handy so some appliances which aren't used too often ended up there. 

Then came the pantry, yes it needed a sorting out to make a little extra room. Several shelves looked really good with all the neatly stacked container.

pantry containers

Look good don't they?

But I really think my daughter has a fear of running out of food. With the amount she has in her pantry, you'd think she was either feeding an army or we were going to have a food storage! I mean how many is too much?

Ok, so now I've banned her from buying some certain foods. Cup-a-soups is one.

cup a soup

... And there are more than you see here!

Her spices and herbs are another on the list of no-buying. You can see she has several packets of sage and parsley here, but what you don't see are the four bottles of fennel seeds.

cup a soup

There are a number of other items that are also banned. Zip-lock bags and toilet cleaner - I don't know how many toilets she plans on cleaning ....Oh and dishwasher detergent. That's not going to be used in a hurry because they haven't replaced the dishwasher yet, but one would hope she doesn't go buy the detergent when she gets one!

We did have a lot of laughs as we unpacked and made room for some more things in the kitchen, and at the end of the day, we had a non-shopping list - its a no grocery week.

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