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Posted by Ruth on 20 February 2011 | 4 Comments


Today, being a weekend, is a definite reason to write something a little more personal. For those of you who know me a little, you'll know that I have an autistic son. My youngest, Hamish who is now 21. Yes the years just fly by. Well today, being a nice bright sunny day, I was hanging the laundry outside on the line when I heard my son-in-law, Warwick talking to my son. I knew they were out working on something but wasn't quite sure what. I did hear the tractor running too.

I stopped with the laundry and went to investigate. Out to the garden gate and there was Warwick in the tractor with Hamish in the cab also. Ok, that would be fun for him, but hang on, a second look told me that Hamish was in the driver's seat. Blink blink, yes that was right.

I ran back to the house and called to my daughter to come quick with the camera. She wondered what was wrong at first, but came scooting out and she got a shot of Hamish driving away up the farm, with Warwick giving him detailed instructions of course.

Hamish driving off up the farm

Hamish driving off up the farm

We hung around until they came back with a load of stones in the bucket, being careful for them not to see us. Amanda snapped another photo from behind the shed.

autistic son driving with bucketful of stones

Hamish coming back with a bucketful of stones

And then another of me hiding in the grape vine with a big smile on my face because this was just so exciting to see and such a very proud moment too.

hiding in the grape vine

Me hiding in the grape vine

The tractor stopped, a gear changed, some further instructions from Warwick and then Hamish proceeded to move forward while slowly tilting the bucket and dropping the stones along the track just as Warwick had instructed.

Hamish dropping the stones

Hamish dropping the stones

Well done Hamish! Of course, when he came in, it was only fitting to ask how he liked driving the tractor. "It was ok I guess, but it didn't go fast enough, and you had to keep from hitting things". Yes, well that is a bit of a draw back. The steering is pretty heavy in a tractor and he did well not to run something over. I think luckily for Warwick, he was inside the cab. 

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  • Ruth, those wonderful moments are the ones that stay with us forever! Well done to Warwick and nice job on capturing the moment and sharing it with us :)

    Posted by Marguerita, 26/03/2011 10:17am (9 years ago)

  • As a grandmother of 4 autistic kids, I understand your pride.

    Posted by rosemary dopp, 22/02/2011 4:00pm (9 years ago)

  • What a wonderful story. Full marks to Hamish and how thoughtful of Warwick. Well Done!!

    Posted by Nan, 20/02/2011 4:57pm (9 years ago)

  • Ruth,
    What a lovely story and certainly a proud and happy moment for you and your family. Everyone can accomplish something, given the opportunity.

    Posted by S Emerson, HTML Basic Tutor, 20/02/2011 12:13am (9 years ago)

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