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I remember hearing somewhere that all dreams had a meaning and since I'd had a particularly unusual dream recently, that remained very vivid in my mind I decided I should find out what the meaning of it was. I began with a google search for "what's the meaning of a dream".

I soon landed upon a "Dream Interpretation Dictionary" website so decided to take the key elements of my dream and find the meaning of them.

Abroad I had recently returned to the States in my dream.

To dream that you are abroad, or going abroad, foretells that you will soon, in company with a party, make a pleasant trip, and you will find it necessary to absent yourself from your native country for a sojourn in a different climate.

House I had just moved in to a very nice large house

To dream that you own an elegant house, denotes that you will soon leave your home for a better, and fortune will be kind to you.

Christmas Tree  A definite feature of my dream was a small poorly decorated Christmas tree which turned into a brightly colored large Christmas tree thanks to my kind neighbors who I didn't know.

To dream of a Christmas tree, denotes joyful occasions and auspicious fortune. To see one dismantled, foretells some painful incident will follow occasions of festivity. (Luckily I didn't see it dismantled, the new one just appeared in its place.)

There were neighbors and lots of people in my dream, they bought gifts, food and drink and left it all under my Christmas tree - I had no idea who these people were except for one friend, so I selected the following words.


To see your neighbors in your dreams, denotes many profitable hours will be lost in useless strife and gossip. If they appear sad, or angry, it foretells dissensions and quarrels.


To dream that you receive gifts from any one, denotes that you will not be behind in your payments, and be unusually fortunate in speculations or love matters. 


To dream of a large, handsomely dressed crowd of people at some entertainment, denotes pleasant association with friends; but anything occurring to mar the pleasure of the guests, denotes distress and loss of friendship, and unhappiness will be found where profit and congenial intercourse was expected. 


To dream of friends being well and happy, denotes pleasant tidings of them, or you will soon see them or some of their relative

So all in all, I think the meaning of my dream was quite favorable especially the bit about going abroad and having my own elegant home. Maybe 2011 has brighter things to come.

If you want to decipher your dreams check out this website: Decipher your Dreams >>

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