Bringing Broderie Perse back to Life

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Broderie Perse quilts are so elegant and beautiful. Broderie Perse is an applique technique that has been around for centuries.... have you ever wondered how to make one?  You will be surprised how easy and fun these quilts are to make.

Susan Dorchester has made many Broderie Perse quilts. Here is one of the four blocks she created in her beautiful quilt Geisha Dreams... 

Geisha Dreams block by Susan Dorchester

 ...and the fabric she used to cut out her Broderie Perse motifs.

Geisha Dreams fabric

Better still, Susan has an online class detailing all the techniques to make exquisite Broderie Perse quilts. The class will teach you what fabric to use, what a motif is, and how to applique it to the background fabric. There are guidelines for both hand applique and machine applique methods.

"My Broderie Perse class is now on-demand to allow you to start the class as soon as you sign up. You can read through the materials at your leisure, knowing that the lessons will be available when you have time. And if you have questions, I am only a mouse click away and I will respond as quickly as possible" .... Susan

This fabric would make a beautiful motif in a Broderie Perse quilt don't you think? How would you use it? In a wreath? or on a border?

Floral Motif which can be used for Broderie Perse

Let's join her and bring this ancient technique back to life again.

About Broderie Perse Workshop: This historic approach to applique is for both hand and machine applique. The Broderie Perse technique allows you to create elaborate applique designs without going through the tedious steps of forming each motif yourself. You choose a fabric that includes the designs you like and applique the entire motif in one piece. Cutting out different areas allows you to be the designer of your own wall quilt. Susan Dorchester includes instructions for hand applique with a blanket stitch and for machine applique with satin, zigzag, invisible, blanket and straight stitches. This class will not include instructions for needleturn applique. Students will construct a simple wall quilt using the Broderie Perse method. Read more...


quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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