Cool Colors, Warm Colors or Mixed?

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What's your preference? Cool colors, warm colors or a mix of colors? Check out these three quilts all made from the same pattern - a Jennifer Houlden design.

rectangles and squares in blue by Jennifer Houlden rectangles and squares in orange by Jennifer Houlden Karlene Baby Quilt in red, blue and yellow

The quilt can be made with Jennifer's pattern "Right Angles" or through the online workshop "Beginner's Patchwork". Whichever version you wish to create, as there are several different layouts to choose from, you won't be able to stop at just one quilt - this is a fun, fast and easy pattern which is also addictive.

Jennifer explains a bit more about it below...

This design is not only for beginners but experienced quilters who will also love how fast & easy this quilt goes together. For the experienced quilter, it is a great weekend project. For the beginner quilter, it is a great quilt to learn the how to's of fabric selection, cutting, piecing and quilting.

The workshop covers everything a beginner quilter needs to know to make this fun and easy quilt that uses only squares and rectangles to create the pieced blocks.

Points covered in detail include:
- how to select the eight coordinated fabrics for this quilt
- cutting tips and tricks
- piecing an accurate 1/4″ seam

There are options offered in the workshop for an on-point version which goes into great detail on step-by-step instructions for making the setting and corner triangles.

As well as there are options for borders - choose from a one fabric border, a multi-fabric pieced border or go for the more modern look of no border.

A great pattern when you need a quick gift for a special baby, toddler, teenager or adult in your life.

You can find the pattern here: Right Angles

And the online workshop shop here: Beginner's Patchwork

Which color combination will you start with?

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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