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A new session of Mod Meets Improv class starts soon - Mod is fresh and springlike! so a good date to start a fresh springy quilt.... or a beautiful clear autumnal one....

The Modern Quilt is defined as having the following characteristics:

1. Bold colors (including white and grey) and prints,

2. High-value contrast: crisp lines and shapes, strong color and value contrasts.

3. A lot of white.

4. Graphic.

5. Abstract.

6. Usually pieced rather than any other construction technique.

7. Frequent use of negative space.

8. Simple, well-balanced design.

9. Riffs on traditional quilt patterns.

10. Unusual placement of blocks or units.

11. “Expressive of the time in which we live” – though this is Very Hard to define!

12. Originally modern quilts were fairly large and intended for use on the bed - however most quilters soon find that every bed and chair has a quilt, and the next step is to hang the quilts on the wall!

This class shows you how to design 30 or 40 different modern quilts, and incorporate improvisational techniques both in design and in construction. Watch this video to see what some of the last students created.

About Mod Meets Improv: Lots of ideas for you to make, lots of ways for you to create your own designs, no fussy templates or piecing! Modern quilts are fun – they’re quick and easy to make, but also have an elegant simplicity in keeping with the contemporary look. Improv methods dispense with tedious traditional methods of construction and can lead to fun unexpected results! Written for all levels - even if you've never quilted before! Yet there is enough challenge that even the more experienced quilter will want to join in AND those longing to get out of the traditional rut! Read more...


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