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As a teacher, I am frequently asked about how one can develop one's own style. We can clearly see that the Big Names all have it, but how is it done? Does it just happen over time? Or can you jump start it?

I wrote a class (and subsequently a book) about how to do just this.....having your own style isn't some result of an unusual talent (if such things exist at all) or the eventual build up of patina (as it were) over can work on developing it.

How? by Working in Series...but it's important to figure out the right series, the right way, the right paths to take.

Yes, it is something of a road to self-knowledge too, it can be really absorbing and invigorating.

So free yourself from those endless "challenges" issued by other people and focus on who you are as a quiltmaker, what your own personal voice is. My workshop Working In Series will provide your start and I'll be there to guide you every step of the way!


Here are three quilts from my series: Idea of a City.

Elizabeth Barton's quilt "where bong trees grow"

Where Bong Trees Grow

Elizabeth Barton's quilt "time past and time future"

Time Past and Time Future

Elizabeth Barton's quilt "lendal bridge"

Lendal Bridge

About Working in Series Workshop: When you sign up for this on-demand class, you have 10 weeks of dedicated time with Elizabeth. You can start as soon as you register or dedicate a date you wish to start. Be sure to let us know if you dedicate a date. Improve your skills and grow as an artist by focusing on a single idea or technique as you make a series of art quilts. Exercises in the first two lessons of this master class will help you clarify your ideas and choose a theme. By Lesson Three, you will be designing and working on your own series. Read more...

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