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marker mania scribbled fabricDo you, too, like to doodle? I love to doodle. I don’t know if you are like me, but I can’t tell you how many marking pens if have - Sharpies and fabric markers of all thicknesses. I wanted to make use of them, so I came up with something where I could use a lot these pens to make my own fabric textures.

The other aspect of my coming up with this method is the cost of fabric these days. Solids are usually the cheapest fabric on the market. But I don’t like using solids in my designs. Instead, I love using textured fabrics. But what if I could use the cheapest fabric and make it into something more sophisticated? So I united my love of doodling and my thrifty mind-set and came up with this method.

marker mania project Sunrise Sunset

These two quilts, Duet for Celestial Bodies (the third!) and Sunrise/Sunset, are my answer to this dilemma. In this class is about options. You can not only turn your doodling into something unique in quilting, you have the option of working with discharge dyeing (using a bleach pen), making your own bias tape for stained glass, and/or working with bobbin thread. You could actually do or learn all this stuff in Marker Mania!

Have other ideas you can try? Why not? Jump in and give it a shot. I'm always open for questions, ideas, and thoughts, and will help you on your journey. Let's get coloring together!

...Pat Daniels

About Marker Mania Workshop: Marker Mania introduces the use of all sorts of fabric and paper markers to produce a little stained glass quilt called ‘Sunrise-Sunset’ or a slightly more ambitious one called 'Duet For Celestial Bodies'. You will work with all sorts of fabric markers to create the flames for either of these quilts. And you can learn about making your own bias tape. As an alternative to the usual fabric choices, you can hark back to your crayon days (or maybe get your kids to help with this step) as you draw with fabric markers to colour your own, unique fabric. No artistic flare is necessary. Read more...


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