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When I first heard of "door quilts" I thought it was sort of a strange idea. But, now I see what fun they can be. I designed a couple for my Celebrations class. They can be anything.... I designed name quilts for a child's room, but it doesn't have to be limited to that idea. It could be "Dad's Study"... or "Do Not Disturb, Homework in Process"... or "Nap Time" or a Holiday Quilt, quilts for various seasons, a memory quilt, a quilt to Celebrate your child's favorite team or movie star or.....

The options are endless, and the designs can be expanded to many other things such as a graduation wall hanging or one commemorating a wedding or an anniversary.

Nita's room door quilt - made by Anita EatonChoosing a theme and designing my own quilt is one of my favorite things to do. I love selecting colors and figuring out which elements to use to make the wall hanging or door quilt.

The example of the door quilt I made for my workshop is for a young girl thus done with brights. For an older child, school colors might be the background of choice. An adult might appreciate something more subdued and sophisticated, or might be a big fan of a certain team and he or she might prefer team colors as well. Knowing your recipient's taste is important when you are designing something for them.

Some of the things I try to take into consideration when designing for someone else is their decor, favorite colors, their particular interests. This is true of any gift, but when you are expending a lot of time and energy to make gifts it seems even more important. You want to enjoy the process, but you certainly hope that the recipient also enjoys the results!

.....Anita Eaton

If you want to explore some of these ideas and get feedback from Anita as well, you can join her class. She is waiting to help and guide you through the creation of your own door or wall quilt.

About Celebrations: While there are a couple of patterns offered in this class it is mostly based on individual design for a Celebration piece. Personalize your wall hanging for any occasion including wedding, graduation, and birth, just to name a few, using elements, colors, embellishments etc. This is a great time to be creative while learning new techniques to apply to your quilt. Anita offers help and guidance with placement of elements, fabric choices, sources of inspiration and anything else that relates to your project. Read more....


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