Is perspective puzzling you?

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Is perspective puzzling you? find that sometimes something is just “off” in one of your art quilts and you can’t quite put your finger on the problem. It may be a perspective issue.

Anita was telling me that as long as she has worked as an artist as well as a quilt designer she still finds the occasional problem with perspective. She recently pulled out one of her paintings that just didn’t quite satisfy her and finally realized what the issue was. One vertical line defining the side of a barn was not really vertical and although it was a small part of the image it was a distraction (The line was only an inch and a half, but it made the difference). Once she redid that tiny piece the whole painting came together.

There are a number of kinds of perspective to consider depending on your quilt. Linear perspective is important for building and structures, atmospheric perspective is a major element of landscape pieces, as is linear perspective in some cases.

Variations of tumbling block quilts are involved with isometric perspective.

perspective in quilting - Tumbling Blocks

When you look at the second image above, do you see a small section cut out of the corner in each cube or do you see when tilting your head slightly sideways, what looks like the corner of a room with a box in it?

Perhaps the latter is more visual by changing the colors of the box...

 perspective in quilting Tumbling Blocks with a change of color

Anita Eaton’s class explores various kinds of perspective and provides small projects to help you understand the various forms while you begin to develop your own wall hanging quilt using some of the forms of perspective you learn about. The size and subject of your quilt are entirely up to you and Anita will answer questions making individual suggestions for each student's project as questions arise. Want to find out more? You can read more about this online workshop here... Perspective in Quilting!

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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