Manually Digitizing Gives Many More Options

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Beyond Basic Digitizing is a class on manual digitizing for home embroidery machine users. Most new to embroidery users are satisfied with the Auto Digitizing part of the software. As your expertise grows you will find manual digitizing gives you so many more options and looks so much better when it stitches out. I am posting a couple of photos to let you see how much more you can do with your software. Come and join us for class – you will love it!

This is a photo of a manually digitized flower.

manually digitized flower by Joanne Winn

This shows you how to Wreath that flower into a lovely embroidery design.

Joanne's wreath of manually digitized flower

This photo shows a watercolor drawing that I using for my backdrop and the finished embroidery that I stitched on my machine.watercolor drawing and embroidery project

These are just two of the projects for this class. I hope you will come and learn how to use your wonderful embroidery machines.


About Beyond Basic Digitizing: If you use your digitizing software but would like to go beyond what you have learned in guide classes, Joanne will teach you techniques for manual digitizing. Bernina Artista Designer Plus V5 and, V6 is used for step by step instructions with photos. This class is meant for anyone who owns Bernina Artista Plus software, regardless of the brand of embroidery machine you have. Students can Save As or convert the embroidery designs to the format for their machine. Read more...


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