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In today's world, we always look for ways to de-stress. I couldn't think of a better way to do that than with Nancy Chong's Stress-Free Celtic Knot table runner. I don't often have time to take classes online, but this class is one I made sure I did... mainly just to unwind a little but also to create a wonderful gift for my mother who now enjoys the table runner I made in class.

celtic knot table runner - a Nancy Chong design - made by Ruth Blanchet

I love Celtic work, have made a few in the past, and still, I learned plenty of tips from Nancy during class. Here's an excerpt directly from the class to give you an idea of why you don't need to stress in class when it comes to making all that bias binding...


There are several options for purchasing or making bias tape. If you are not interested in making your own bias tape, you can buy Wright’s Mini Fold Bias Tape online or from a local fabric store that carries laces, rickrack, and tapes; or you can buy Clover’s Bias Tape that is pre-made, comes on a roll, and has an adhesive fusible backing already attached. I have tried both of these options and they work just fine; however, I did not like being limited to only solid color bias tape, I did not like the expense, nor did I use the iron to fuse the tape in place (if you do, then this project gets very complicated with managing the overs and unders).

I explored various options for making my own bias tape. I have used the metal and plastic bias bars, and a pin on the ironing board cover, and various brands of bias tape makers. I will be honest with you, I hated those methods for various reasons, and nearly abandoned making Celtic Knotwork quilts. Then I found a pattern that stole my heart. I knew I was going to have to find an easy and successful method so I could make miles of bias tape to complete that project. That is when I made two minor adjustments to the instructions that came with my Clover 1/4" Bias Tape Maker, and I was successful.

stress free celtic with inserts by Nancy Chong

You will also learn to add inserts like you see in the photo above which is one of Nancy's table runners... and here is a closer photo of the table runner that my mother now proudly displays in her lounge. As you can see, it doesn't matter where you add the inserts or whether you include them or not.

celtic knot table runner by Ruth made in Nancy Chong's online workshop

About Stress-Free Celtic Tablerunner Workshop: Celtic knotwork designs are captivating because of their intricacy and symmetry. Do not let that frighten you away. Now you can learn Nancy's stress-free methods and discover how easy it is to make this tablerunner. You will learn about marking fabrics (whether light or dark); learn a new, easier and quicker way to make bias tape; learn a wonderfully easy method to hand appliqué the Celtic bias strips in place; and explore options for inserting fabric, stained-glass-style, to create your own unique tablerunner. Master the technique in this small project and you will be able to use it in other quilting projects. This class is suitable for beginners, but experienced appliquérs will learn new skills too. Read more...


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