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Ruth Blanchet's Christmas Holly Wreath online workshopWe all know, it is never too early to start thinking of Christmas, really? Realistically, we always think about all the things we want to do in preparation for this joyful time of the year way too late and always run out of time - well that's what happens to me anyway. So usually once we hit June, I start thinking about my Christmas projects and offering my Christmas workshops for those who want to prepare early. One of my favorites is my Christmas Holly Wreath, which is a pattern as well as an online workshop.

So I was looking at this today and thinking about it. I have always wondered what it would be like as a centerpiece in a bed quilt so I decided to play around on my computer to see what I could come up with. I used EQ7 and GIMP to make some creations. (I decided this exercise would be great to include in my workshop "Free Software for Quilters" which has a whole lesson on using GIMP although may be more suited for the advanced course which I'm writing)

I searched for some suitable blocks and painted them red and green to match the colors of my quilt. I used these to create my first block border. Then I added a background border for quilting and a smaller pieced border, which is a section of the inner border...

Holly Wreath quilt with patchwork borders

For my second attempt, I removed that outer thinner border and replaced it with a holly applique border...

Holly Wreath quilt with applique and patchwork borders

And then, quite by chance, I was playing around with the block border, thinking perhaps it might look good as a quilted panel when I stumbled on a new look. This is very different and I would entitle is "modern".... and I like it a lot.

Holly Wreath quilt with border variations

What do you think? Should I make this one?

About Christmas Holly Wreath online workshop: This design is a Christmas best selling pattern. Ruth's step-by-step instructions, enhanced with tips and tricks, will guide you through this entire project in a timely manner while learning several different methods of applique and quilting. The class is three lessons long and begins with selecting fabrics and colors to use, includes easy to use methods of applique, teaches quilting techniques and finishes with ideas to add your label and embellishments. Class Project is 28" square. Read more....


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