Yosemite Falls, Sandy Beaches or Simple Waves...

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"Waves and Waterfalls" is about to begin again - I do hope you join in and make these pieces with me, because what's a party without people?

Be a wild woman!  Wild people are not very dignified, or very neat.  We experiment, get paint everywhere, burn stuff, melt stuff, tear stuff up, and often use substances other people might consider tacky.  We have no pretensions and belong to the “Whatever it Takes” School of Quilting.  We laugh; we make things that are fun and don't take ourselves seriously, and we know that the most important thing is not how we make it or who is watching us, but that we make art, and enjoy the process.  We probably dye our hair, lie about our weight on our driver's license and eat Sour Cream and Onion potato chips for lunch with a Hershey bar with almonds for dessert.

So, to begin, we’ll start with the Waves portion of the program and make a lovely Simple Wave using fabric paints, sheer fabrics, melted painted cellophane, and tiny beads:waves and waterfalls b1

Then, we’ll move to create a small ocean scene with rocks, mist, and a sandy beach with real sand in it, complete with seagulls and shells: waves and waterfalls b4
As a bonus project, you’ll create a small sandy beach with shells and waves:waves and waterfalls b5

Then move on to make a miniature of Yosemite Falls with thread trees:waves and waterfalls b7

Then, in the last two lessons, we concentrate on methods for making your own photograph into a fabric Masterpiece.

Come on and play along! Summer’s hot, and the water’s fine!


 About Waves & Waterfalls Workshop: Join Linda for an exploration of many non-traditional techniques for making moving water, including twisted tuck waves and painted waves. You will embellish with beads, Angelina, Tinzl and Shiva Paintstiks. In the first three lessons, you will make waves. Lessons Four through Six start with a photo of Yosemite Falls and advance to a waterfall of your own creation. Skill level: Intermediate to advanced. This class involves many different techniques and will require a substantial time commitment. The Supply List includes many of the same items used in Linda's Elements in Fabric class. Read more...

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