You can dye any color you need!

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If you've never dyed fabric before and want to learn how to do it in the most straightforward way, without having to dye a lot of colours you really don't want, then I really recommend "Basic Dyeing for Quiltmakers" with Elizabeth Barton. Elizabeth explains her dilemma and how she overcome it to create a fun-filled workshop with lots of easy steps in learning to dye any colour you need...

I've taken several dye classes myself and was always frustrated by coming home with about 50 yards of some colour I didn't really want..... In one class we spent a lot of time making a notebook with little squares of fabric in it and the recipes of those colours ....but I found that I never actually referred to that notebook at all ....And I got very frustrated cutting out all those little squares and then glueing them onto pages!

So, I figured out a better way: beginning with dyeing a Basic 12-step colour wheel, using only 6 different dye colours.  From that you can make a little poster for the studio that had those few recipes. 

And based upon the basic color wheel one can figure out the recipe to just about any colour.... Also, I've changed the recipes so that everything is a lot simpler and more straightforward.

I don't use more than two colours of dye (Except very rarely) in the mix. Thus avoiding mud! Except where you want to create neutrals - so one of the lessons addresses how to dye neutrals and where you might want to use them in your quilts.

It always made sense to me, to identify the desired colour and then look up to see what dyes might achieve that, rather than dyeing all the possible combinations! That way you only end up with a lot of fabric you don't want! 

I hope my way of looking at things makes sense to you and I particularly hope you have fun in the 5th lesson where you choose a colour inspiration e.g. a famous painting and dye all the colours that are in that painting.... And this class is on demand - so you can start it any time you want.  Even more fun, have a friend sign up with you too and learn the process together!

......Elizabeth Barton

Here are a couple of Elizabeth's quilts using some of the brilliant colorful fabrics she has dyed. If you want to learn to create these colors in fabric join her workshop and you will soon be creating a lot of wonderful fabrics yourself. (see further details below)

Basic Dyeing for quiltmakers example "runner" by Elizabeth Barton

Basic dyeing for quiltmakers example "Summer Solstice" by Elizabeth Barton

About Basic Dyeing for Quiltmakers Workshop: When you sign up for this on-demand class, you have 10 weeks of dedicated time with Elizabeth. You can start as soon as you register or dedicate a date you wish to start. Be sure to let us know if you dedicate a date. This class goes more deeply into two different ways to dye, how to achieve gradations using two different methods, how to dye any color you want, how to dye neutrals and their importance in quilt making.  You will learn a lot about color and how to use it…and the final project is to dye all the colors in your favorite painting! Read more...


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  • Sounds like a better way to come up with your fabrics. I really like the sound of this.

    Posted by Lorraine, 15/05/2017 4:56am (1 year ago)

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