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I’ve been designing and making my own Hawaiian quilts since March 1978; when, with a tiny bit of help from my teacher, Luika Kamaka, I designed a king-size Hawaiian Plumeria Quilt.Nancy's first Hawaiian quilt made in 1978

Since then I’ve helped well over 200 quilters design their own. Here are a few photos from our Gallery –

Student's work from Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt: Fern Orchid3 Student's work from Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt: Gerry Kudzu Student's work from Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt: mary HIdaff
Student's work from Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt: Suzanne - Hibiscus Student from Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt: Tracy  Student's work from Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt: Paola hawai

Aren’t these gorgeous? And each one is a unique Hawaiian quilt – unlike anything else ever created. That is such a powerful feeling, and it really brings a great deal of incentive into the actual ‘making’ of the quilt.

The quilters who designed these are no different from you—they might have thought it would be hard; that they would fail; but they didn’t – and these gorgeous quilts are proof of that. They made their beautiful designs in my online workshop "Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt". This is a 5-lesson class that teaches you not only how to design, but also how to make your own personal Hawaiian quilt.

Why not take a chance on me, and this on-demand workshop!

.... Nancy Chong

About Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt Workshop: Hawaiian quilts are visually striking because of their sophistication, symmetry, and strong contrasting colors. They look difficult to make and yet are surprisingly easy. Nancy shows you each stress-free step, as you create this 20" breadfruit block. Traditionally it is believed that if your first quilt is a breadfruit, you will be certain to make many more quilts, and we want you to get off to a great start! This is an ideal way to learn the needleturn appliqué method. No previous appliqué experience is necessary.  read more...


quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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