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Ulu quilt pattern ALOHA is often the greeting you will hear from Nancy Chong especially when she is making Hawaiian Quilt. I am sure she will be saying this a lot in her upcoming class "Hawaiian Quilting 101".

In this class, you will learn just how easy it is to make a lovely Hawaiian quilt block. The design Nancy provides for this class is of the breadfruit (the Hawaiians call it "ulu"). They believe that if you make your first quilt using an ulu pattern, you will be assured of much enjoyment and future creativity in your quilting endeavors.

However, if you have a block pattern that you would rather make, Nancy will welcome that too. Her goal is for you to experience success in the class, so working on something you really like will be a big part of that success. Once you have appliquéd and quilted your block, you can make it into a decorative pillow or a small wall quilt.

I am sure, when you discover how easy Hawaiian quilts are to make, you'll more than likely be interested in taking Nancy's "Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt" class too. That class will teach you how to make your own unique design and to make a large Hawaiian quilt.

Need to find out more? You can enroll in Hawaiian Quilting 101 and see all the requirements and details here: Hawaiian Quilting 101 online workshop.

Here are some previous student's projects:

jane's Ulu

Jane's Ulu

joanne Ulu

Joanne's Ulu

Julianne's Ulu

Julianne's Ulu

Nadine Ulu

Nadine's Ulu

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