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My class, Filament Fantasy, is all about how to sew with difficult threads, but also gives you basic insights on how to sew with regular threads and why they can sometimes be difficult. In the process of learning about threads, we use everything we have in our stash – cottons, metallics, rayons, polyesters, horrible twisty threads, threads as thick as embroidery floss strands, tinsel (Glitter) threads, two threads at a time through the same needle, how to do quilting and embroidery using those threads with your machine’s embroidery stitches, how to do thread painting and bobbin work, appliqué and reverse appliqué, all with those difficult threads. In the course of these lessons, we also explore how to use foil, painted Lite Steam a Seam II and other substances to embellish our squares, then how to make a beaded binding and how to use Solvy to make our own fabric out of metallic threads.

Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to do hearts. Just pick any fairly simple shape – like a leaf, a star, a shell, a circle, a square, whatever, and do the techniques using that shape.

Our first blocks are fairly simple, but by the time we start embellishing them with...filament fantasy1

...foil and metallic  threads, they start to get interesting. 

filament fantasy2

By the time we get into the decorative stitches with metallic thread, you’re learning a lot about your machine and about threads, and your free motion machine quilting will look much better than at the start of this class. Here’s a block with reverse machine appliqué with decorative stitching.

filament fantasy3

Then we’ll get into bobbin work, using threads like Glamour and Ricky Tims heavy twisted horrible threads in the bobbin – 

filament fantasy4

Then proceed to the most interesting block – using both bobbin work and Solvy to create a heart-shaped hole block in the very center of your piece.

filament fantasy5

We’ll do a little couching with yarn and add some beads – 

filament fantasy6

We’ll make an appliqué heart with little bits of fabric and Solvy –

filament fantasy7

We’ll do a few thread painted hearts using free motion machine embroidery and your zigzag stitch – 

filament fantasy8

Then make one last heart using Solvy and thread alone –

filament fantasy9

Which we then appliqué to the background.

To finish it up, we’ll arrange the blocks, sew them together with quilt as you go techniques, add foiled cornerstones, then add a beaded binding,

 filament fantasy10

Make a sleeve out of thread and Solvy, 

filament fantasy11

Lay that over black satin, and appliqué the quilt down to the sleeve. Done!

filament fantasy12

So, I hope you’ll start this adventure with me – and you don’t even have to do hearts! 

About Filament Fantasy: Fantastic, frantic, frustrating, festive filaments; turbulent, twisting, tormenting threads. If those words describe your feeling about any threads but cotton, this class is just for you. Award-winning quilter Linda will show you how to use fine and twisty metallics, rayons, blending filaments, yarns, fine braids, invisible threads and others in your machine as you create this beautiful heart sampler. Learn how to do invisible machine appliqué, cutwork, make thread appliqués, machine bead, use two threads in one needle, and much, much more. Intermediate to advanced level.

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