How to change the color scheme of a quilt

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Are there times you'd like to create a quilt in a different color scheme? I often wonder how one of my quilts would look using orange instead of yellow for example or see a pattern I like but want to create it in a completely different color scheme. I have an easy way to decide which colors I want so I thought I'd show you this simple trick on how you can get an idea for different colors in your quilt. I'm going to use my Color Connections pattern as an example.

color connections

The original Color Connections

Here are a few different color schemes I created with a couple of clicks. I used GIMP (which is open source and free to download) but you can use any photo editing program you have. Below I have created a video to show you how to do this.

color connections - alternative colors

color connections - alternative colors

color connections - alternative colors

color connections - alternative colors

PS: if you are looking for the Color Connections quilt pattern, you can find it here: Color Connections

Actually, while I was making the video below, I decided it would be great as an example for my advanced "Software for Quilters" class which I'm currently writing. My first beginner's class on these software programs has been a huge success and many of the students are looking forward to my advanced class. Check out the details below the video if you are interested in "Free Software For Quilters".


About Free Software for Quilters: So who is this workshop for? Any quilter or designer who wants to develop their own design from a photo, composition, painting or drawing. Any teacher who wants to draw templates for their students. Any quilt designer who wants to draw professional templates for their patterns. Anyone who wants to learn how to use GIMP (a raster graphic editor), Inkscape (a vector graphic editor) and Posterazor an image enlarger. Read more...

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