Choosing a color palette

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As I see it there are two ways to choosing a palette – one is to be rather technical and methodical and work from the color wheel, deciding whether or not your palette will be analogous (3 or 4 colors adjacent on the color wheel), or complementary (two colors (and perhaps their neighbors) opposite each other on the color wheel).

The other way to choose a palette is a little more direct. I have always recommended that you keep a color inspiration folder (real or virtual). I suggest that every time you see a picture (whether a painting or a photograph) where the selection of the colors really resonates with you – regardless of the subject of the image)…. print it out and keep it. Or, take a photograph and print it out. As I look out of my study window as I write this, because I am talking about color, I have become aware of the immense range of greens and neutral colors I can see… so I will just get my camera and take a picture! Click! That is one for the color inspiration folder.

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