Fabric' ating Embellishments

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Do you have a long list of embellishment methods you want to learn? Rose has put together an embellishment workshops to really get your creativeness started and open the door for many wonderful unique ideas to embellish your quilts. It's not just adding buttons or beads, it's a whole lot more.fabric' ating embellishments workshop checklist

The class has eight different projects included, try one or try them all.

eight Fabric' ating Embellishments workshop projects

Or make the embellishments to add to your own quilts and designs.

Just because the festive session is upon us, Rose is including a bonus project - a wonderful addition to this class and fun to make - Embellished Cards.

Rose Hughes's embellished holiday cards

Fabric' ating Embellishments is the perfect extension to continue on from Rose's first workshop Shaping Up With Fast-piece Applique but is also a stand-alone class. It has an extended forum so plenty of time to be creative and Rose will be there to nudge you along in all sorts of creative directions. This workshop debuts on November 6th - come join in the fun!

Rose Hughes's online workshop - Fabric' ating Embellishments

More about Fabric' ating Embellishments Workshop: Finding a wonderful bead or other shiny object to add to your quilt can be fun BUT, utilizing them along with fabric can take them from ordinary to WOW! Join Rose in this fun, playful workshop where we will explore the world of creating embellishments with fabric-needle and thread… and of course a whole array of other fun materials. In this workshop Rose will be sharing eight different ways that fabric may be utilized not as a background, or as a shape amongst others in a block, but in ways to become supporting characters, featured star or comic relief. And, since featured stars need to shine she will also be teaching you additional ways to embellish the embellishments. Join Rose in this fun 4-lesson workshop and fill your own tool bag with amazing possibilities. Read more...

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