Four Basic Skills for Quilt Artists

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Every art quilter needs basic skills to make their art quilts. Here are four basic skills, are you missing any?

  • Observation skills related to seeing detail, and learn how to see shape, mass and proportion as a painter would see them.
  • Ability to see color, tone or texture and learn how to use it creatively or sensitively in a personal way, through both realism and abstraction.
  • Understand how to look at things visually (seeing visual elements) and not simply identifying objects.
  • Ability to apply design elements such as rhythm, harmony, transition, contrast and emphasis.

Learning to manipulate all the art elements to produce the perfect artwork could take a lifetime, but it is the journey and exploration that excites us...

Marilyn Belford

"Art for Quilters" is a class Marilyn teaches at to learn the skills above. She has taught many and shared in their journey. Here is a video of a few of their works.


About Art for Quilters: Open up your horizons. Marilyn shows you how to bring the basic tools of an artist to the world of fabric. From a still life to a landscape, she explains how to get exciting results by applying the artist's methods and composition tools to your quilting. Learn how you can create quilts of emotion and depth. This course will give you a new perspective that will change how you approach your quilting projects. Simple exercises will let you practice what you learn without a major project commitment. All levels. Read more....


quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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