"Less is More" in Mixing Up Media

Posted by Deborah Babin on 29 March 2016 | 0 Comments


Today I want to share some of the work one of my students created in my recent session of Mixing Up Media, my online workshop at AOQ. She was experimenting a lot due to the fact it was her first time combining fabric and paper so many ideas were jumping forth as she worked. 

Joanna's Mixed Media work Joanna's Mixed Media work

She commented:

"I think I've used more spray than you recommend".

....And I responded:

"Experimenting is the key to learning how to mix mediums. You are doing great! As for spraying too much color onto interfacing...you will realize if you did spray too much when you apply the gel. If there is too much ink/paint the color will be too saturated and dull. Less is more in this case. What you see when you spray should be half as dark of what you want to end up with. Experiment on small samples...this will save you dollars and time."

Excellent progress don't you think?

...Deborah Babin

Joanna's Mixed Media work Joanna's Mixed Media work


About Mixing Up Media: The focus of this workshop is to learn how to make authentic art by experimenting with various medium. You are invited to join Deborah’s guided tour of Mixed Media. This journey will reveal multiple styles, applications as well as medium. Gradually you will begin to realize the multitude of possibilities and align your thoughts while unleashing your creativity. Read more...

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