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More abstract art for quiltmakers - City Lights by Elizabeth BartonIn my More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers, we look at the work of several well-known abstract artists. Mondrian is a huge favorite for quiltmakers...and after I show the class how he made his way from realistic painting to abstract work, I then challenge them with the following exercise:


So how can we emulate Mondrian?

As you can see from the above, he did begin with a particular object: the tree… from which he abstracted its formal elements.

And what are the formal elements? He decided they were: line and color.

These are often expanded in art theory books to: shape, line, value, color, and texture.

Exercise 1

Let’s take a look at how we could abstract various elements from a particular object. I will give you examples, and then I want you to work out some example for yourselves – and hopefully you will have time to show us some of them in the classroom!

Elizabeth Barton

About More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers: Intrigued by abstract art? But don’t know where to begin even thinking about it? How and why abstract art, in all its varieties, was developed is fascinating. And there are so many wonderful quilt designs ideas within the abstract art field! Let’s dig in and see what we can glean. This class is parallel to my Abstract Art for Quiltmakers class. They deal with the subject in different ways. Read more...


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