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Linda S. Schmidt’s "People in Places" online workshop is starting up soon, so sign up now!  This class is a great one for people who would like to learn how to transform a favorite photo into a fabric work of art.

You start by working through some small projects – a seascape, where you learn to paint skies and seas, do machine embroidery on Solvy to create a tree, burn the edges of sheers to make seafoam, invisible applique hills, and machine piece a tiny flying goose.  This gives you the basic idea of how to create a scene from a photo or sketch to create a fabric work of art.

Linda schmidt's small seascape

Then, you make a tiny dancer, using chalk or paint to shade the figure, create a diaphanous dancing dress with sheer fabrics and a candle, create hair out of thread, and a crown of tiny ribbon roses. 

Linda schmidt's small dancer

Then we go into the basics of how to create a recognizable person, using Setacolor fabric paints to create shadows, highlights, and hair.

Linda schmidt's recognizable people

By this time, you’re ready to begin your own design, using these and other techniques to create your own, inimitable, Masterpiece.

Come play and find out how far you can stretch to create your own "People and Places"!

About People In Places: It is the people and the places in our lives that we remember - your daughter's first glimpse of the sea, the time your son tried to fly, the glimpse of a wolf in the woods. Linda will help you translate those photos and memories into thread and fabric, learning a variety of new techniques along the way. You will start out easy and work up to using your own photographs or sketches to create the people and places that live in your memory or in your imagination. This class teaches you how to combine techniques to create unique pieces of art, then shows you how to border, bind, quilt, and finish them. Read more....

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