People will want to take photos of your back!

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Everybody likes to wear beautiful clothes, and this particular jacket is the kind of jacket that make people want to take pictures of your back. It’s also great fun to piece and applique, and there’s really no limit to what you can do to embellish this underwater scene to make it completely your own!

quilted jacket with embellishments added

Along the way, you’ll learn how to do reverse machine applique, applique, couching, silk ribbon embroidery, create hair out of thread, make pleats where there are none in the pattern, and even create a mermaid or two! Come, find a suitable pattern and begin piecing your own voyage under the sea!

...Linda Schmidt

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About Mermaid Lagoon Jacket:  Get out all of your silk ribbons, pearls, fancy threads, beads, batiks, and fish fetishes. Create your own Mermaid Lagoon Jacket! As you create this lovely jacket, Linda will teach you reverse machine appliqué, couching, silk ribbon embroidery, beading, fabric painting, machine embroidery on dissolving substances, and how to create small people in fabric. Read more...

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