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I'm always thinking about writing new classes for AOQ (Academy of Quilting), in fact, I'm actually in the midst of writing a couple that I must finish soon! But I was thinking this morning that I really need to get a new mystery class written as my current mystery has been very popular. Not only that but it is very different than the usual mystery quilt class.

You see in my mystery, instead of getting the next clue after each section, you have a choice of clues to pick from... and there are hints if you are unsure to help you. As you can see in the photo below, when you hover over the door, it gives you a hint of what you'll find if you click on that door (clue). The doors you see take you to whichever clue you wish to follow..... and unlike many other mystery classes, you don't need to stop once the quilt top is pieced, you have more choices. You can either stop and head off to your favorite longarm quilter or you have the option of three more doors to continue on and add either applique or quilting. 

what's behind the doors?

The class isn't just about a mystery quilt either. It also includes tips and hints along the way, like this snippet I cut out directly from the class.

snippet of a tip

Well, that is my current mystery class and now it is time for me to think about writing a new one so my question to you is, do you think I should write another mystery like this where you have choices at the end of each section?

.....And I'm wondering, do you prefer just pieced quilts for a mystery or do you like applique? or perhaps a mix?

I'd love to hear what you think should be included in my next mystery class. Leave me a note in the comments below.

About my Mystery Class at AOQ: Join our mystery class and make a quilt to your liking. Unlike other mystery quilt classes where everyone ends up with the same pattern, you will create something different depending on the door you enter.At the end of each section you choose a door to enter - there are hints and tips to guide you. Each door has a different section so by the time you reach the last door, your quilt will be different from other students. We have two size options, two different piecing options and then you can choose up to five different applique variations or no applique at all. We have modules that take you right through the quilting process too, or you can skip that and have a long arm quilter finish your quilt for you. Your choice!  Read more about this mystery class here....

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