Texture in Dyeing Fabrics

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An excerpt from Dyeing to Design with Elizabeth Barton about creating texture...

"The low immersion techniques we have used so far to create different values and colors leave a beautiful random texture on the fabric. But there are also ways to make very specific textures, in fact, there are so many ways that I have decided to limit to just one, so there will be lots more for you to explore when you have finished this class. I am going to focus on a type of texture I have a lot of experience with. I have found to be both amazingly beautiful and frustratingly demanding in designing quilts using it: Shibori Dyeing."

...Elizabeth Barton

Here are some photos of quilts Elizabeth has made using textured dyed fabrics.

City of Willows by Elizabeth Barton

City of Willows

Moor Farm by Elizabeth Barton

Moor Farm

You can find out exactly how she creates these textures in her class Dyeing to Design.

About Dyeing to Designs: Creating your own fabrics is an enticing prospect, but they can be hard to use. Let Elizabeth help you solve that mystery. Each lesson is divided into two sections: dyeing and designing. You will learn to think about what the fabric wants and design your quilt to use your dyed fabrics to their best advantage. Elizabeth will show you her method for dyeing values, gradated colors and arashi shibori. She will then teach you to thicken your dye and use it for silk screening and other painterly applications. If you already have a closet full of hand dyed fabrics, you can skip right to the design and construction of your quilts. If you only wish to learn how to dye, make arashi shibori fabric, or screen print - this class will also work for you. Read more...

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