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The Grid - one of the exercises from Inspired to Design with Elizabeth Barton. You can try it too or join her online workshop for even more inspiration and designing skills.

Draw a 1" grid over the unshaded sketch: that is the one on which you have NOT shaded in the values.

photo of lake for exercise in Inspired to Design online workshop

Original photo

When I sketched out the picture based on the original photo above, I simplified the landscape and added a little house in the foreground for interest. I put a gap in the trees in order to lead a way into the scene. I then drew a grid over the sketch.

scene sketch of lake photo from Inspired to Design

Scene sketched onto gridded paper with changes

Drawing a grid over your sketch helps you to figure out both the best size for the completed quilt and the size of each of the elements within the quilt.

Building a quilt on the wall is exciting, but you should take your time and do it slowly and carefully. It is important to stop and look as you make each alteration. Ask yourself: does that look right? Am I balanced? Is everything related? Or is something really obviously out of place even though it is a gorgeous bit of fabric? Refer to the notes you made when you read through Lesson Two's section on Principles.

What other questions might you ask yourself as you look at the evolving quilt on the design wall? Make a list of such questions to hang by the piece. Do this in your own words, based on what we discussed earlier, and it will be more meaningful.

About Inspired to Design: Learn how to develop designs for art quilts based on your photographs. Your inspiration can be flowers, landscapes, cityscapes, patterns in nature, engines – anything! How do you go from a visual or aural idea to a finished design? Elizabeth will show you how to develop your drawings and how to use the shape, line, color and value to bring them to life. You will create designs that are abstract, impressionistic and realistic, and then choose one to make in fabric. Read more....


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