What's Lily been doing?

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Meet Lily Kerns, she's a whole lot of fun and enjoys showing the world what she is up to. She been creating videos with Adobe Voice...

If you cannot view this video, please click here

...just in time for her next class at the Academy of Quilting. Lily's class starts this week and it's all about Needle Felting....

"When I was first introduced to needle felting, there was very little information available. I enjoyed experimenting with the technique and then often wondered what to do with it. My, how that has changed. My Pinterest board ( http://pinterest.com/segwaygrandma ) has all kinds of felting ideas, many of them much more sophisticated and elegant than I had dreamed of.

I keep learning!"

                                                                                          ... Lily

This little video will give you a hint of her next felting project.

If you cannot view this video, please click here

You'll have even more fun in her class "Whisper Felting" so be sure to join her.


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