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When I first started quilting, I made quilts for all my children. They got quilts for their cribs when they were young. Then as they grew up I made quilts for their beds. As new quilts replaced older ones, the older ones were then handed on to others. 

One particular quilt I made for my son had a teddy bear sleeping on the moon. It was an appliqued quilt which I'd made many years ago, over 20 in fact. It was then handed on to my nephew Max who sleeps with it every night and won't go to bed without it. Every morning he drags it out and cuddles it while watching TV so we know it's a truly loved quilt.

Below is a photo of Max, tucked up under his quilt in the top bunk, fast asleep. It is wonderful to know that a quilt can bring so much comfort to both young and old alike.

Max tucked up under his quilt

Max tucked up under his quilt sound asleep

I love to encourage everyone to try quilting. There is nothing quite like seeing how someone can enjoy something so much that has been a creation of yours. Let's get started!

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