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I was searching around in my bits and pieces today when I came across a star block that I made some time ago. I was making it for part of my tree skirt online class. As per usual, I didn't just make one star, but got a little carried away and made five instead.

The first one was a 9" finished block.

9" Star Block

This star block is super easy. I used snowball corners to make the star points so everything is cut in squares.

To make this block a bit more a challenge I decided I should add some smaller stars in the corners. Each small star block is 3" finished.

9" Star Block with 3" star block corners

That's some pretty small pieces don't you think? Okay, so I got wondering, "What if I made a star in the center square of my 3" star?" Good thought? Hmmmmmm, this would mean a 1" star - I couldn't waste too much fabric on that.

To fill up my camera screen, I had to get really close to the block, so close infact that you can even see the grain in the fabric. This was fun. Have you ever made a 1" star block before? I don't think I'd like to make a full bed quilt this way!

1" Star Block

Those star points are just 1/4", I wonder if I could do 1/8"....

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