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As I've been designing a brand new bargello, I've also been refreshing my Bargello Seasons patterns and transferring them to downloadable patterns. The two I have done most recently is Bargello in Summer and Bargello in Winter - opposite seasons for opposite sides of the equator. I didn't do that on purpose, it was just the way it happened.

My Bargello in Summer quilt reminds me of the beach or seaside. The colors of gold sands and blue waters. The design itself reminds me of ocean waves.

bargello in summer - quilt pattern for beginners

In the pattern, I not only give detailed construction instructions but also quilting suggestions and how-to. I also include two versions, the single and double pattern.

My Bargello in Winter quilt is created in cool tones to give that wintery feeling. This pattern is a little more difficult than the Summer pattern, but not a lot. It includes my favorite tip for creating a 1/4" finished strip which makes it very accurate.

bargello in winter - for the confident bargello sewer

Of course, the large graph charts help with construction for those visual learners, but I also include written instructions too.

And.... for those quilters how need more help than just a pattern, all four of my Bargello Seasons patterns are available in an online workshop.

About Bargello Seasons online Workshop: Based on the Flame Stitch design in needlepoint, Bargello quilts fascinate us with the complexity and rich interplay of color and value. In this beginner class, Ruth takes you through the four seasons as she shows you four distinctly different bargello techniques: staggered seams, matching seams, adding fractured strips and reversing half the design to create a reflection. The fourth will be sewn as a quilt-as-you-go project. Read more...

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