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I was looking through the different bargello quilts I have made over the years. Here are the bargellos that I have published, many of these are also online classes as well. I do have some that I have not finished that you won't see here. For some reason I just wasn't completely happy with them.

Below each picture I have given a brief description and a link where you can find out further information about each bargello.

  • Bargello Blues image
    This is the very first bargello pattern I ever designed and probably the one I'm most noted for. It will always be one of my favorite.... Click to read more
  • Bargello in Autumn image
    One in a series of four, one for each season. Autumn is made in rustic colors to represent Fall.... Click to read more
  • Bargello in Winter image
    This bargello was the fourth in the seasons series. The blue icy tones represent winter and the reflections gives an even icier look... Click to read more
  • Cherry Blossoms image
    This quilt does not look so much like a bargello, it breaks all the traditional rules of bargello. Strip widths are not the same and quarters are rotated... Click to read more
  • Freedom Bargello Quilt Pattern image
    Freedom was made for an American friend. The stars are appliqued, but the rest is all bargello some of which has split rows. Each red and white stripe is made up of three fabrics.... Click to read more
  • Color Connections - bargello quilt image
    This design is very dimensional as well as colorful. Each section interlocks. The color shading within each section really makes it stand up on the black background... Click to read more
  • Bargello in Summer image
    This bargello is the second bargello in the seasons series. The original was only half. I remade it, making two and joining as a reflection like Bargello in Winter... Click to read more
  • Bargello in Spring image
    Bargello in Spring was the first bargello made in the seasons series. The originals were made in 2003 and I remade this one in brighter spring colors some years later... Click to read more

  • Bargello Swirl image
    After teaching my bargello classes for many years, I was asked by my students to teach a circular design, hense Bargello Swirl was designed. It was hung in the Hoffman booth in Houston 2911... Click to read more
  • Fractured Season Bargellos image
    This bargello is one in a series of two thus far. It was designed in 2012. It includes applique and fracturers in the design. The golden leaves represent fall and the colorful border add the finishing touch... Click to read more
  • Fractured Seasons - Winter image
    The second quilt in my fractured seasons series. This bargello quilt represents winter with fractured snowflakes which look as if they are falling from the sky. It really gives a cool wintery feeling. Click to read more
  • Fiesta Bargello image
    Fiesta Bargello is bright and colorful to represent fun and movement. This is a bead quilt, designed my a friend and made by me. My first bargello bed quilt.... Click to read more

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