Changing Colors for Changing Seasons

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So by now I'm sure my readers know that I love to quilt. Not only is it relaxing, but also rewarding when the quilt is finished and I can start gathering fabrics for the next. Often I have two or three going at the same time, usually at different stages. Another fun thing I like to do is get one of my existing quilts and see how it looks in different colors. I did this recently for my quilt Purple Dawn.

purple dawn in the original Hoffman fabric colors

I figured this quilt would look great in more of a purple tone like the name suggests. Purple and gold seem to go quite well.purple dawn in shades of purple and gold

Then I wondered how it would look in green and red... with the right shades, this could pass as a Christmas quilt as the center looks like a wreath.purple dawn in shades of green and red - a Christmas quilt possibility

In thinking just that, I thought, rather than square, it might be better if I made a rectangular version. It was easy enough to duplicate the border design with a slight modification.purple dawn in shades of green with additional modified borders

My last thought was, how about a black and grey quilt. This one has a touch of orange and green. I find it rather striking and different.purple dawn in black with a touch of orange and green

The are all very different to the original shown at the top. What's your favorite?

About Purple Dawn: Purple Dawn was made with Hoffman fabrics and was displayed in the Hoffman Fabric booth at Spring Market 2012. This design would look great in any seasonal fabrics including Christmas colors. Read more....

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