Coloring Pages and Quilt Patterns

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Over the last few months, I've been creating coloring pages. It seems like adult coloring is the rage lately and I hear it is great therapy. As we all know, quilting is great therapy too so I wondered what would happen if I combined both - a super charge? Yes, I have to believe so! Thus, I began creating coloring pages that can be used for quilting as well as coloring.

You can literally make hundreds of different combinations from each coloring page, depending on how you color it on paper or fabric.

In my latest book, I used one of the pages to cut out individual templates to applique on my block.

applique bubbles linked

I also printed it out and thread painted it - kind of like paint by number, but this would be thread paint by color.

thread painting by color

Of course, I could just use it as a quilting design as well. I think this graphic tells you a better story!

bubbles color quilt applique

I'm already having a lot of fun creating from this e-book, want to join me? For more details you can find it here: Bubbles e-book 

quilt from Bubbles e-book

PS: If you miss my first Color to Quilt e-book, you can see it here: Kaleidoscope of Hearts

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