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Candy Sweet purse for AmyAny excuse to make something for someone is always high on my list of things to do especially when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays, so knowing my granddaughter Amy loves purses, I just had to make her one this Christmas. I used my Candy Sweet Purse Pattern to create a new style design just for her. The original pattern has two applique designs that can be used - or you can use a favorite fabric in the panel inside - but I chose to create my own fabric and add some additional touches.

Here are the original styles of the purse.candy sweet

So I bet you are wondering how I went about changing the look. It was easy. Instead of cutting out the sections required to make the purse, I pieced together my design to make the sections. Sounds confusing but really it is not. I'll show you how.

I decided on a black and bright pink purse for Amy and I had just the right colors. I knew I wanted strips and I had the design idea in my head so all I needed to do was figure out how best to implement it. First I checked the pattern to see what size sections I needed to make and seeing as my strips would be 1" wide when finished, I'd need to add in seam allowance so I times the section by 1-1/2. I added a little extra for wiggle room. Therefore, the 12" section became 20" (12 x 1.5 plus wiggle room). I needed two of these plus the two ends which were 4".

To get the jagged strip effect, I needed to use different lengths of strips. The quickest and easiest way to do this was to cut two large sections of each color wider than the height of the section I needed. I cut two blocks from each color at different heights (to mix it up), then I joined the shorter black section to the taller pink section, and the other two sections together to form two blocks roughly the same height.

fabric blocks

My two fabric blocks with larger sections at the top, smaller at the bottom

Next I lay both blocks together and used my Shape Cut Plus to cut 1-1/2" strips.

shape plus tool

The Shape Plus Ruler makes an easy job of cutting strips quickly

strips cut

1 1/2" strips cut from fabric blocks

Now I set the strips out, mixing them up and staggering the seam line.

strips auditioned

I auditioned the blocks to get an idea of how to sew them together

I joined them together. Notice the ends are not even at this stage and the reason I made the sections larger than the pattern calls for.

strips joined

My strips are joined to make the required section

Now I can cut these blocks to the correct size to make the purse.

purse sections

My two sections - main purse section and end

The purse is really straight forward to put together. A seam runs along the bottom and I really surprised myself when all the strip seams matched without me even trying - of course, it helped that I pressed the seams to one side and both sections were pressed in opposite direction so the seams butted together nicely.

purse underseam

Seam at bottom of purse with strip seams matching

I used a pale pink with daisies for the inside lining adding in some black pockets to the sides - also added pockets on the outside at the ends. Little girls love pockets - big girls do too!

Also knowing that Amy loves zips, I added a double inside (this is not part of the original pattern, but easy enough to add in). I made this section black with a zipper closure and sewed the ends into the lining.

purse inside

Looking inside

I made handles and tab, then baste them in place. Lastly, I tipped the lining over the raw edge at the top to form the rim.

candy sweet purse alternative

Amy's purse

It just so happened that I also had the perfect bead to add to the end of the closure tab! This helps weigh the tab down and stick to the velcro dot I put underneath.

Merry Christmas Amy!

This pattern is very easy to make and ideal for any little girl - or big girl! You can also add surprises in the pockets if you wish. For a short time I've made this available at half price - $3.75 or you can download it so you can start instantly: Candy Sweet Purses Perhaps you'll make another little girl happy too!

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